Caroline & Zach

October 31, 2020Plano, TX

The Wedding

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Attire: Cocktail
Ceremony and Reception
Gleneagles Country Club
5401 West Park Boulevard, Plano, TX, 75093, United States
Please Check Back for Updates
Please Check Back for Updates

As we navigate the ever-changing conditions of the world, please continue to check our website for any updates, as our plans may change at any time. At this time, We ask that all guest please wear a mask and to observe an appropriate quarantine if you or someone you have been in close contact with has been sick.

So we had to Change our Wedding Date due to a Global Pandemic
Coronavirus is spooky

Hello family and friends. As many of you know we were SO excited to get married on our Perfect Date April 25th. Unfortunately, there is a little bug going around called the CoVid-19 (aka Novel Coronavirus) and it seems to be causing quite the stir! We waited as long as we could to see if we could ride this thing out, but we have officially decided to post-pone our wedding. While we are absolutely heartbroken, we know this is the only right thing to do, and the only way to keep everyone safe. On the bright side, we were able to find a date that some of our favorite vendors were still available. SO get ready for a Halloween Celebration- no Infectious diseases allowed! That's right folks, the Soto Wedding just got spooky! We're getting married on October 31st. Now, we really didn't want to push our wedding out quite this far so please bear with us as we sort through the scary details! Keep your germs to yourself and may you never run out of toilet paper - The (still) Future Sotos